The Luca Hänni Story – Documentary Part 3 (2014)

Watch the incredible story of Luca Hänni.

2014 is a year full of challenges for Luca Hänni, Changes in mangament, music label and the start of new projects and new collaborations. His show “Living the Dream” is enhanced with more dancing on stage elements. In parallel and based on his new album “Dance Until We Die” he develops a new show without band and adapted to dance club events.

End of the year and together with a young brass band Luca is winning another big TV show, where he can show all his talents. He is singing, dancing, playing piano, drums, guitar and trumpet and conducting the brass band. Finally he wins the show “Kampf der Orchester” on Swiss TV (Battle of the orchestra).

See the whole story in this documentary Video.

See this video in full resolution here