Interview with Luca Hänni (Switzerland 2019) – “Every person needs someone who makes them happy”

In fact, challenges are what keep him going, as his newest project , the Eurovision Song Contest. He previously acted as the Swiss spokesperson in Kiev, and now wants to sing his country into this year’s final. Luca enjoys everything he does: ‘Getting the chance to perform on such a huge stage in front of an audience of enthusiastic fans in the venue and millions of people at home is definitely one of the highlights of my life.’ ‘Dare to dream’, the motto of this year’s ESC, couldn’t be more appropriate. Luca wrote She Got Me together with a team of national and international composers at a songwriting camp. He hopes that the song, which has Middle Eastern elements and plenty of rhythm, will get both the young and the old dancing: ‘With my ESC song She Got Me, I want to spread some joie de vivre and share my passion for dance and music with the whole audience!’

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