She got me! Luca Hänni’s Eurovision lyrics use “dirty dancing” as a metaphor for living your best life

(by wiwibloggs)

He’s one of the bookies’ favourites to win the Eurovision Song Contest 2019 — and Switzerland’s Luca Hänni is bringing countless fans along for the ride. With his footloose bop “She Got Me” Luca wants the world to move — but he isn’t simply talking about shaking it on the dance floor.

As he told me ahead of Eurovision in Concert in Amsterdam earlier this year: “You always need someone to bring you to dance and to make you happy…that person could be my girlfriend or the fans or the whole crowd.”

In that light hitting the dance floor is a matter of turning up and turning out — or simply living your best life. The sultry woman in his music video may conjure a temptress or object of desire. But in reality she embodies anyone who inspires or motivates you. And if she happens to be your other half all the better.

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