Luca Hänni Switzerland – The stage team for ESC 2019 was presented today

(Translation from “Blick” Online, April 30, 2019)

Luca Hänni will be performing at the Eurovision with former Lady Gaga’s dancer David Lei Brandt, reports Blick. As revealed earlier, the performance of Hänni was designed by creative director Sacha Jean-Baptiste and assistant choreographer/dance coach India Rischko.

Stage team of Luca Hänni: dancers/backing vocalists David Lei Brandt (USA/Germany), Daniel Asamoah (Germany), dancers Hannah Levitt-Collins (UK), Keisha von Arnold (Sweden), backing vocalist Greg G. Curtis (USA/Sweden).

Keisha Malaika von Arnold was in-house dancer of Melodifestivalen 2018 and appeared on the Eurovision stage with Eleni Foureira.

American David Lei Brandt (33) worked with Lady Gaga for five years from 2012, went on world tours with her and appeared on her legendary Superbowl half-time show in 2017. The sports event is watched in the US by around 115 million people.

“The Eurovision preparation period is just as demanding as that of Lady Gaga,” reveals Brandt. Five hours a day he needs to sing and dance intensively to achieve the best possible result. He has a good recipe for stage fright: “Immediately before the show, I will meditate for twenty minutes and focus on the performance. Afterwards, I’m going to fool around with the team, which is good for the positive energy and calms my nerves just before we go on stage. “

For Hänni the final phase is tough as well, “especially singing and dancing at the same time is a big challenge,” he says. But: “We have made great progress in recent weeks. I feel very well.”