ESC becomes a career support for Luca Hänni

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Shortly before 4 pm, SRF’s parade hosted Michel Birri (32) news: Luca Hänni is first and foremost on the Swiss charts with his ESC song “She Got Me”. The Bernese musician continues to write his successful Eurovision history one week after the final.

Participating in the ESC will prove to be far beyond its fourth place: “She Got Me” pays for Hänni in various areas.

“She Got Me” is the first Swiss number since Lo & Leduc’s “079” was canceled on August 12, 2018 after 21 weeks at the top. Within three weeks, Hännis Song climbed from the top 75 to the top in two big jumps.

Luca Hänni is at the top of the boards for the third time: As part of the celebrity choir is the Christmas number “Ensemble” Einang, the 24-year-old was already the end of 2014 Swiss number one. And in 2012, “Don’t Think About Me” topped the charts.

He belongs to a manageable circle of local artists who have succeeded. “I’m overjoyed,” says Luca.

On Instagram, Luca made an impressive addition to his fan after his accomplishments: the day after the semi-finals, he broke 200,000 consecutive limits, after the last 60,000 had been added within 24 hours.

Currently, he is already at 286,000 followers. According to the analysis page, he has won more than 100,000 followers in one month. Of course, it is strongly increased supply also lucrative for advertising and sales of goods.

Even on Youtube Luca is growing steadily. shows him 2.6 million plays over the past 30 days, an increase of 400 percent. He also has almost 17,000 new subscribers.

With its current Youtube range, Hännis’s estimated revenue will be up to 10,000 francs a month.

At Spotify, “She Got Me” comes to 8.4 million streams, with over 1.3 million users listening Lucas’ music on a regular basis. For a Swiss artist, these are extraordinary numbers.

The song is primarily on both iTunes and Google Play stores. As Lucas Label Musikvertrieb confirms on request, the single has been streamed more than 10 million times worldwide.

“She Got Me” is a hit not only on the streaming portals but also on the Swiss radios. During the last four weeks, the song has been played a good 1000 times according to However, less radio stations are missing from this study.

This is also economically lucrative for Hänni. For every time he earns thanks to copyright compensation – depending on the station, it amounts to up to 7.70 francs per game. However, he will have to share this money with the co-authors of the song.

Luca will regularly live in the coming weeks and months, and Lucas’s website currently announces exhibitions in Switzerland, Germany and Spain. “More dates coming soon” are among the previously listed programs.

There should be concerts to Luca in other countries. And the fees are likely to grow as well.