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Who is Luca Hänni

Luca Hänni is a young, highly motivated and focused Swiss singer, songwriter, musician and fashion model.
His broad musical talents include singing, composing, playing piano, guitar and drums.
Luca Hänni can regularly be seen and heard on stage in duo and trio formations or with his top-class unplugged show.
As a winner of the biggest European casting show in 2012 (German Idol / “Deutschland sucht den Superstar”) he is well known to a broad public and he still maintains close contact with his numerous fanbase.
In 2017 Luca Hänni attended the TV show “Dance Dance Dance” and finally won this dance contest.
Dancing is a new passion for Luca Hänni now and he just applied this talent in an impressive way when creating his latest music videos for “Powder”, “Signs” and “She Got Me”..
Luca Hänni has published four music albums, received gold and platin status for sold music and he won several highly respected music awards.
His fifth music album is expected for late 2019.
In May 2019, Luca Hänni represented Switzerland at the Eurovision song contest in Tel Aviv and ended in 4th place, the best result for Switzerland since 26 years.

Official Links and Social Media of Luca Hänni

Website Luca Hänni
“She Got Me” (Download and Streaming)
“She Got Me” (Official Music Video)
Media Kit (ESC / She Got Me)
Facebook Luca Hänni
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Find out more about Luca Hänni

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Luca Hänni Facts

  • Born: 8.10.1994
  • Activities: singer, compser, producer, model
  • Hobbies: music, sports, dancing, family
  • Companies owned: Luca Music GmbH (Artist Management)
  • Companies owned: Hyons (Music Production)
  • Fashion Label: SVSL by Luca Hänni
  • Pets: 1 dog (“Nala”)
  • Height: 1.72 m
  • Hair color: brown
  • Eye color: dark brown
  • Residence: Berne, Switzerland
  • Official Logo:
Official Logo of Luca Hänni

Luca Hänni – Fanpage on Instagram

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